Born in London, Banafsheh spent her childhood in Tehran. Her life took a dramatic turn in 1978 when revolution erupted in her home country of Iran. Four years later, Banafsheh and her family fled their home in the midst of Iran/Iraq’s war. Smuggled across the border into Turkey, they were caught by the border guards and spent three weeks in a cell with five other refugees whilst their future was determined.

Her memoir, Under a Starless Sky is the account of her family’s journey from the first heady days of Iran’s revolution to their eventual migration to Australia.

When not writing, Banafsheh is a busy, passionate Bookseller, Blogger and Event Coordinator.


Banafsheh is passionate about reading, collecting and sharing her books. In 2003 she set a goal to write a memoir for her children to read when they were older. She felt a need to give a voice to thousands of refugees who, at great risk to their lives, have fled oppressive regimes or war-torn countries, and are wrongly imprisoned in detention centres. She wanted her own children, who may otherwise dismiss the plight of these people, to identify with them through her experiences and not just turn a blind eye.